Hardware Guarantee

We know things happen in life, especially in the outdoors! Therefore if you damage a grommet on a rock, bust a rivet in a fall, or a zipper decides to let loose of a tooth, discontinue use and contact us for details on how to proceed. You pay the shipping to get it to us and we will repair it for free! 

*Hardware guarantee does not cover fabric tears or seam rips due to continued use after hardware damage or negligent overstuffing of pockets/pouches/packs, or from hard use. If you accidentally cut, rip, or tear your canvas, discontinue use and contact us on how you should proceed with repairing your product.

Waxed Canvas

 Water resistance and longevity are two things we admire so this material choice was easy. Used for centuries to outfit explorers in the outdoors, Waxed Canvas is a highly-durable cotton fabric.  The material will soften and harden in varying temperatures. Take care of your waxed canvas and it will last you a lifetime. Click link below for detailed fabric care instructions.

Waxed Canvas Fabric Care

 Veg Tan Leather

  6/7oz and 8/9oz veg tan leather is what is used on most of our products. 

This type of leather is prepared using tannins extracted from vegetable matter, mainly tree bark. It is supple and light brown in color. This is the oldest method of tanning leather.  

 *Leather will patina naturally over time, caused by the oils in your skin, the sun, and everyday use, giving it unique character. Quite often it can have blemishes (bug bites, brands). We choose the best parts of the hide to make our leather goods, but be aware that textures can vary.

 Spur Grommets

  You'll find leather backed solid brass grommets all over our products, after all simple versatility is part of our mission and grommets make great reinforcement for lace and clip points! We sought out the highest quality grommets, normally used in sail-making and heavy canvas tarp applications, ensuring long lasting reinforcement for how ever you choose to hitch our products up to suit your needs.


YKK #10 Brass . Smooth operator!  These zippers age gracefully, and work even better with continued use.
*We use separating zipper seats so make sure they are fully seated before zipping
**Our Products are not for Commercial Resale. Contact us for information about upcoming retailer programs.